Have You “Finished” Your Book? Check out our checklist!

“Finishing” a book is a big word.  Have you “finished” yours? 

Read through our checklist to find out!

©2014 Wendy Scheuring

+  Have you revised your manuscript?

Have you had a professional edit?

+  Have you written a brief acknowledgements page?

+  Have you consulted a professional graphic artist about your cover?

+  Do you know what a spline is?

+  Do you know what back matter is?

+  Have you considered traditional and self-publishing?

+  Have you considered print as well as digital publishing?

+  Have you considered securing an agent?

+  Do you know what an ISBN is?

Have you secured a copyright?

+  Do you have a marketing plan?

+  Have you researched your target audience and their buying habits?

+  Have you secured a website and social media accounts?

+  Have you generated pre-release buzz?

Take our quiz:  “Finishing” your book is a big word.  Have you “finished” your book?

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