Is Your Website Unseen?

©2015 Wendy Scheuring

If you’ve got the type of business where you’re trying to reach the folks at home, or you’re seeking a broader client base than just the neighbors in your backyard, your website is where you want to roll out the red carpet. Think of your website as being the place where you’ll make your first impression. How do you want to come across?

Establish your personality.  Sure, someone is always going to have a bigger and better website with all the fancy graphics, videos, and cool music, but so what? Define who you are and what your business does. What is it about you that makes others want to visit your business or hire you?  Do you have that small, neighborhood appeal, or do you reach out to the big guys?

Always stay positive. Yep, maybe the other “guys” don’t do a good job, but leave that up to the customer to decide. Never put someone down on the web. Instead, be positive about what you do. How can someone benefit from hiring you?

Don’t try to sound too important. When people do that, they tend to inflate their verbiage into extraneous interlocutions and seamless strategies.  See what I mean? If you don’t understand what you’ve written, don’t expect someone else to. Write like you talk and then take it up a notch.

Offer friendly advice. Think of your blogs as free advice you’d give a relative or friend on how they can get rid of that possum in their yard, or entertain at a dinner party.

Produce sound, quality content. Don’t even think about keywords, although they are important in your metadata, permalinks, and keyword density on your SEO. Produce content that rocks, without repeating the word “exterminator” every 5 seconds.

Post something new to your site every week. If you can’t think of anything new to post, then try revisiting some of the old topics and giving them a new spin. Plus, if you take the time to listen to your customers, you’ll have plenty of topics to write about. What do they need help with? What are their concerns?

Make sure you don’t have any speling or grammatikel errors or completely confusing and totally run on sentences that don’t make any sense or drive people crazy or try to fit everything you do on your home page?

And lastly, brand your site. Make sure the pages on your site use graphics that say what you do without words. Create a logo, color scheme, or quote that defines your business, and use it!

Best of success!