9 Self-Reality Checks to Consider When Writing Your Book

1. Why do you want to write a book?  Have you always dreamed about writing a book? Have your friends and family suggested the same? How do you know if you have a diamond in the rough, let alone enough of a story to write a full-fledged book?  Seek out others that you trust early in the process to see if there is interest in your story and listen to their feedback.

image courtesy of ponsuwan, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2.  Do you have the skill set to write a book? Renowned author Ray Bradbury suggests writing small before writing big. Write short stories, blogs, or articles before delving into that bigger project. If you need further help, talk with a professional ghostwriter or writing coach who will often offer a free consultation, or consider hiring one to help you throughout the process.

3. Do you have a deadline? When do you want to finish your book? Do you want to self-publish? Traditional publish? Are you looking for representation? Standard-sized books can take anywhere from four to six months to finish, and looking for an agent or publisher lengthens the process, so keep those factors in mind when setting your deadline.

4. Do you have self-discipline? Schedule? What schedule? Sure, you might think of yourself as a free spirit, but to get your book completed, you need to set goals for yourself. Draft a plan, including a weekly or monthly schedule, to finish your project.

5. Do you have a readership and have you established relationships with other authors? Are you offering excerpts of your book to others via social media and your website? How about friendly writing advice? Research how other the authors you admire reach their audiences and build relationships with their readers. Connect with fellow authors and offer to do a beta read of their manuscripts or write a review of their book. They may, in turn, reciprocate the favor.

6.Do you feed on what the competition is writing? Even though authors vie for readers, each book is unique, and readers often like to read a variety of books on their favorite subjects or in their favorite genres. For avid readers, there’s no such thing as having too many good books to read.

7. Do you have a platform?  What is your vision? Why are you writing your book? Are dollar signs flashing before your eyes, or are you writing your book to help people find a solution?  Are you offering your expertise or are you telling an amazing story? Think of your book as part of a movement, not the be-all-that-ends-all.

8. Are you a DIY kind of person? Are you trying to do everything, including the writing, editing, cover art, publishing, marketing, etc., or are you at least willing to get a professional opinion?

9. Are you too shy to get help? Get advice from experts and professionals, read their blogs or knowledge papers, and do your research.

By keeping these nine questions in mind, you have taken the first step in making your book dream a reality.