About Us

HE is a veteran- and woman-owned small business. We give you personal service, building a collaborative relationship with you to form your writing team. But, it’s the power of the writing duo that sets us apart. Mark & Wendy provide the yin and yang balance to your project.

Mark is an expert business and technical writer and editor with years of experience creating and editing a vast array of high-value documents across every major business sector (e.g. petrochemical, heavy manufacturing, bio-medical, IT/software, aerospace, environmental, government). An avid humorist and storyteller with an ability to create the story that compels readers to turn the page, he is best at identifying with clients to convey their vision to their audience.

Wendy’s expertise lies in her ability to get the story through her honed interviewing skills acquired as a journalist, while building a strong rapport with clients, making them feel comfortable. She’s published hundreds of feature articles and business profiles in local, national, and international publications, print and online. She’s taught the art of writing for 20 years, and is a published author, and a ghostwriter and editor of numerous books of all genres (legal, medical, historical, business, memoir, fiction, poetry, humor). A versatile writer, her strengths are creating suspense in her stories and character credibility through conflict and dialogue, developing content that generates business, editing with an eagle’s eye, and checking facts through research.