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  1. I am enjoying working with Wendy as I ready my novel for publication. Her advice and insights are extremely helpful to me, and her support is unwavering.

  2. Working with Wendy and Mark was a pleasure! For years I’ve composed hundreds of articles, tips, thoughts, and ideas – they helped make my dream of compiling all of it into a great book a reality. Wendy was extremely thorough and quick to provide constructive criticism where necessary. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of experts to put it all together – thanks!

  3. “Cowboy on the Run” is the first book I wrote. I knew I needed help. I have to admit I didn’t know what an Editor or Ghostwriter did and/or was when I started. When I did find out, I also found out how much some of them charge for their services. Then I got lucky, Wendy answered the phone.
    I sent Wendy my second book to edit, because it was half the size of my first. The next day she sent it back to me. I’m not going to tell you what she said but I do respect her for not wasting “our” time and my money. That says a lot to me of Wendy’s integrity. As she edited my story “Cowboy on the Run” she also suggested and taught me many essential of the craft of writing and pushed me to be a better writer. I feel my book has gone from gibberish to a number one best seller.

  4. Wendy helped my Dad write his book. She is a talented and patient professional. Her prices were quite fair and it was well worth the time to have her help him with his book.

  5. While preparing to write my life’s happenings,’TWIXT6&90–PLANES, DAMES, AND BRUSHES WITH FAME’ my hands began to tremor. Writerless, I obtained the services of a caring friend and
    neighbor–WENDY! As my memories fell from my lips, her nimble
    fingers transfered them to a written page. These 84 yrs are true and in an entertaining mode, beautifully presented to the reader

  6. Writing a book is not easy. Wendy has an incredible ability to interview and, with rapt attention to detail, listen attentively in order to effectively help structure and compose the narrative described. She and Mark are highly capable professionals who have helped write, edit and critique my story so that it comes alive on paper (and/or electronic means). They are honest, hard working, dedicated and motivated individuals who helped me tell my story from start to finish. They even put me in touch with a graphic artist to help with the cover design as well as the company to print my book. I can’t begin to tell you, as a first time writer, how appreciative I am having worked with these consummate professionals.

    If you have ever thought about writing a book, or have a story that you feel is worth promoting to whatever audience you feel necessary, I would highly recommend that you speak with Wendy and Mark of Henderson Enterprises. Wendy will interview with you and tell you the straight goods as to whether you have something worth the effort so as not to waste anyone’s valuable time. If the story is there, and you are willing to put in the time and the expense, Wendy and Mark will help write, edit, critique, and ready the publication for distribution.

    Writing a book can be an arduous task, but Wendy and Mark help you navigate through the maze so that your story can be read, and really appreciated by others.

    Alan Frisher, CDFA
    Author: Divorcing The System

  7. When I finished my first (and only) book, I had no clue how to get it ready to be printed. Fortunately, someone referred Wendy. She did a super job editing. She not only corrected typos I had missed — she rephrased certain sections that were too “wordy.” She did not hesitate to call me to discuss various aspects of each chapter. Put succinctly, she did a fantastic job! Thank you, Wendy!

    Larry Koroloff

  8. Wendy has crafted great messages for my personal music web site as well as the company that I work for in the local area. She has a real talent for creating write-ups that make you want to read more about the artist or company. Her writing technique turned my simple web page biography into a work of art. Thanks again to Wendy and Henderson Enterprises!

  9. I had an idea for a book and finally put it down on paper. I read through it, decided that it wasn’t too bad, but lacked some character depth and needed some work on the plot. “Now what” I asked myself. If this was ever going to be a successful book, I needed help.
    I found Wendy through an internet search, shared my manuscript with her, had some discussions about what it needed. Immediately I wanted her to be on my team; Wendy and I shared the same vision for the book. Through the whole process of doing a re-write of my work, the communication was great, and I am excited to see the finished product when Restored Heart & Soul is released in late August.

    Thank you Wendy for being a partner on this book with me. My second idea is rolling around in my head right now, and when I get around to writing it, she will be the first person I call.

    Dave Bielecki

  10. I enjoyed working with Wendy and Mark very much …they took this overwhelming project and broke it down for me to make it easier to get through and make my dream come true!
    Could not have done my book without the knowledge and experience they provided! This is my first adventure being an author and I feel so blessed to have them both onboard.
    Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! You both went above and beyond for me and I so appreciate all your help and expertise!

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